DuPont has soared in 2013, with its gains of more than 35% year to date well outpacing the Dow Jones Industrials' 21% advance. As the company known historically for its chemical prowess evolves toward more of an agricultural focus, though, it will face the question of whether it can grow faster than Monsanto and Syngenta and establish itself as the premier developer of seeds, fertilizer, and other high-margin agricultural products in the industry.

The changing nature of the chemical industry has created a big rift among its various subsectors. On one hand, traditional businesses like titanium dioxide pigment production and other performance chemicals have become commodity-like in their returns, no longer offering the high profit margins that investors prefer. At the other end of the spectrum, the high demand for yield-enhancing crop products, including both seeds with desirable traits engineered into them and fertilizers and pesticides designed to keep crops healthy under challenging conditions, has pushed DuPont further in the direction of Monsanto and Syngenta.

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