Think that LED lights are only effective on greenhouse vegetable and ornamental crops? Wrong. An increasing number of tree and shrub growers are looking at the benefits of LEDs in the propagation of their plants. Read the Hort Americas’ Horti-Facts report on Sierra Gold Nurseries in Yuba City, Calif. The company propagates and produces over a million fruit and nut trees a year. Find out why Sierra Gold chose to install LEDs instead of fluorescent lights in its new 10,000-square-foot tissue culture facility.

Sierra Gold’s director of product development Cliff Beumel said operating a tissue culture lab is like running a factory in regards to maintaining uniformity.

“Uniformity of plants under LEDs is better across the lab than under fluorescents,” Beumel said. “We believe because the LEDs deliver more usable light in the grow room that the plant proliferation rates should improve due to either greater uniformity or enhanced plant growth.”

Want to learn more about Sierra Gold Nurseries use of LED lights? Read the Full Story here in the Hort Americas Case Study (PDF)

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