Lower supply volumes and greater quality are pushing tomato prices up in Almeria, back to profitable levels for growers. During the first week of December, practically all varieties reached average prices of around 1 Euro per kilo.

The Daniela, Green Daniela and vine tomatoes have all reached the Euro/kilo, while Pear tomatoes are just a few cents short of that figure. In any case, these figures are far from the 0.30 Euro/kilo of just a few weeks ago.

But the arrival of cold temperatures has not just been beneficial for tomato producers, but for every other horticultural product.

In the case of courgettes, average prices surpass the 2 Euro/kilo, mainly due to the almost 30% drop in supply volumes, caused not just by the lower temperatures, but also by the effects of the Tomato Leaf Curl New Delhi Virus (ToLCNDV), according to data provided by the Council of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development. Fine courgettes consequently reach prices of 2.20 Euro/kilo, while the thick variety stands at around 2.10 Euro. White courgettes are sold for up to 1.70 Euro/kilo.

Aubergine prices have also increased significantly. The long variety reaches up to 2 Euro/kilo on average, while the striped stands at around 2.10 Euro/kilo.

Cucumbers have also seen a considerable increase in prices. The Almeria variety stands at around 0.90 Euro, while the French reaches prices of around 0.70 Euro. Short cucumbers, for their part, surpassed the Euro per kilo during the first week of December. 

Pepper prices, with the exception of the Red Italian, remain at acceptable levels. The Green Italian are sold for around 1 Euro per kilo and the Red for barely 0.50 Euro. The Lamuyo oscillate between the 0.90 Euro of the green one and the 0.95 of the red. Lastly, bell peppers (all colours) are sold for between 0.80 and 0.90 Euro/kilo.

Regarding beans, all varieties stand above the 2 Euro/kilo, with the Strike achieving the highest prices, an average of more than 3.50 Euro/kilo. Meanwhile, long Perona beans are the cheapest, with around 2.30 Euro/kilo.

Source: fhalmeria.com