The average prices of all the horticultural supply are above seventy cents per kilo. Products that were being sold at very low prices since the beginning of the campaign, such as tomatoes, have increased in value. Trade officials said this is one of the best months of the year despite the holidays and the export stoppages.

The best prices, regarding Bell peppers, are for the red variety with cuts ranging from 88 cents to 74 cents per kilo. The green Bell pepper is being traded between 85 cents and 70 cents a kilo and the yellow one has a first cut of 88 cents and is later being sold at 74 cents a kilo. The red lamuyo pepper has a first price of 93 cents and last cuts of 65 euro cents per kilo. The green lamuyo was being traded between 86 cents and 70 cents a kilo. The Italian green pepper prices remain at values that range from 1.10 euro to 88 euro cents per kilo.

Vine tomato prices increased until having first cuts of 1.10 euro and last cuts of about 90 cents. Pear tomato is being traded between 97 and 80 cents and long life tomato is sold for 1.05 euro and 75 euro cents per kilo. This week, zucchini prices reached the highest point in the entire campaign by surpassing 2 euro per kilo. Both the slim zucchini and the fat variety have first cuts of 2.18 euro and end the auction at about 1.75 euro per kilo. Eggplant prices also exceed 2 euro with values ranging, in the case of striped variety, between 2.18 and 2 euro; long eggplant prices vary between 1.80 euro and 1.70 euro per kilo.

Long cucumber prices remain high and range from 90 to 74 euro cents per kilo. The French cucumber has a rough cut of 70 cents and ends at 55 cents. The short black cucumber is being sold between 1 euro and 80 cents a kilo. Green beans prices have also increased over the past week. The long perona green bean was at an average of 3.30 euro, emerite green beans were at an average of 2.70 euro, the strike variety's average, 3.10 euro, and the helda green bean ranged from 2.30 euro to 2.50 euro a kilo.