Excellent market quality and unbeatable and continuous production during the entire cycle are the qualities which only Nunhems has been able to combine with its long cucumbers during the autumn cycle.

The Tesoro F1 offers every possible advantage to specialised cucumber producers, who had already for some time demanded more stable varieties that allowed for uninterrupted cultivation, thereby increasing profitability.

The Tesoro F1 is especially recommended for planting during the month of September. With great quality fruits, very dark, cylindrical and ribbed, the new variety from Nunhems is also resistant to the Cucurbit Yellow Stunting Disorder Virus (CYSDV) and the Cucumber Vein Yellowing Virus (CVYV). The plant is vigorous and with a great capacity to regrow.

During the field day organised by Nunhems last Thursday, more than 200 cucumber producers were in attendance to check out the excellent performance of Tesoro F1 in all cultivation conditions. It is a truly versatile variety, which already attracted some attention during its testing stage, under the provisional name Nun 26027.

After the field visit, the attendees had the chance to exchange their first impressions and confirm that the Tesoro F1 should mark the beginning of a new era as regards the autumn cultivation of long cucumbers, mainly due to its high productivity and uninterrupted harvest during the crop's entire lifespan.

The full-scale launch of Tesoro F1 is vouched by the success of the tests conducted in over 120 plantations.

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