According to data provided by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, during week 48 (25 November to 1 December) Spanish aubergines became twice as expensive as those imported from The Netherlands in the London market. While the former reached a modal price of 2.16 Euro per kilo, the Dutch produce was sold for an average of 1.08 Euro per kilo.

During the same week, Spanish aubergines reached prices of 2.14 Euro/kilo in Paris and 1.86 Euro/kilo in Perpignan. In Germany, during the previous week (47), they reached modal prices of 1.43 Euro/kilo in Cologne, 1.36 in Frankfurt and 1.26 Euro/kilo in Hamburg.

During week 48, Spanish courgettes reached 2.28 Euro per kilo in London, 2.26 in Paris and 1.92 Euro/kilo in Perpignan. In that same week, Morocco sold its courgettes by 2.03 Euro/kilo in London, 1.92 in Paris and 1.70 Euro/kilo in Perpignan.

In week 47, Spanish courgettes reached 2.15 Euro/kilo in Cologne, 1.75 in Frankfurt and 1.82 in Hamburg.

Spanish cucumbers reached 0.57 Euro/kilo in Paris and 0.44 in Perpignan during week 48. In the previous week, they were sold by 0.93 Euro/kilo in Cologne, 0.90 in Frankfurt and 0.94 Euro/kilo in Hamburg.

As for peppers, the Dutch produce reached a modal price of 2.06 Euro/kilo in the London market; much higher than the 1.56 Euro/kilo of those imported from Spain. Meanwhile, Spanish peppers reached 1.50 Euro/kilo in Paris and 1.10 in Perpignan. During the previous week in the German market, Spanish peppers reached 1.38 Euro/kilo in Cologne, 1.46 in Frankfurt and 1.37 Euro/kilo in Hamburg.

Regarding long life tomatoes, the Spanish produce reached higher prices than the Dutch in the London market once again, as while the modal price of Spanish tomatoes stood at 0.77 Euro/kilo, those from The Netherlands only reached 0.50 Euro/kilo.

For pear tomatoes, the Dutch reached an average price of 0.96 Euro/kilo, while those imported from Spain were sold for 0.97 Euro/kilo.

For vine tomatoes, the Dutch produce had a modal price of 0.77 Euro/kilo, while Spanish tomatoes stood at 0.84 Euro/kilo.

As for cherry tomatoes, those imported from Spain reached 2.60 Euro per kilo.