AFE and researchers from the University of Florida (UF) present compelling evidence about just how enticing and alluring flower fragrance is to consumers, among other scintillating findings, in three new consumer preference studies:

  1. Identifying Consumer Preferences for Essential Elements of a Flower Product, Report #453
  2. Consumer Analysis of Mixed Containers for Indoor Use, Report #455
  3. Identifying Consumer Preferences for Cut Rose Fragrances, Report #456

In report #453, researchers aim for a better understanding of what flower buyers really want – colour, shape, size, fragrance, etc.— to better meet consumer demands and increase sales, and the results show consumers overwhelmingly desire fragrance.

"This study allows the industry to gain a better understanding of what consumers value in a floral product and thereby provides the tools necessary to effectively target consumer demands,” said David Clark, Ph.D., Professor of Environmental Horticulture and Director of the Plant Innovation Program at UF. “The industry needs to offer a product consumers want to increase consumer purchases and sales.”

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