Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects is constructing a 8,660m² greenhouse structure for young plant grower Bruka Seedling in Divjaka, Albania. Bruka Seedling is Van der Hoeven’s first project in Albania where the economy is gradually picking up. It is also a very hospitable country. Nearly 60% of the population works in agriculture, a sector which is becoming increasingly professional. This resulted in the partnership between Van der Hoeven and Bruka Seedling.

Bruka Seedling is a leading company in the cultivation of young plants, most of which are sold to Albanian growers and local farmers. The current complex is approximately 11,000 m² and will be extended by nearly 9,000 m². The greenhouse is currently being constructed by local builders under the direction of Dutch supervisors. The greenhouse has 8 metre trellis girders with a 4.5 metre roof section and a column height of 6 metres. Because this project is situated on the Adriatic coast, the ventilation capacity is an important item for the client.

In this case, a ventilation system was therefore chosen for the entire sidewall. The greenhouse will also be supplied with insect netting in both the deck and the sidewall. Ancillary items, such as heating and screening, will also be supplied by Van der Hoeven. In short, this is a perfect example of teamwork between Albania and The Netherlands, and a nice reference project for this region.

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