Pure Flavor®, a leading and innovative greenhouse produce company, has unveiled a new version of its Aurora™ Bites – mini peppers and Beefsteak Slicer Tomatoes packaging and design.

These new designs adhere to the central design elements that formed the bedrock of the previous design. In the new version everything from its colours to the layout is more dynamic and vibrant. Pure Flavor’s new design packaging is ready to roll out as early as January 2014.

The new and improved Aurora™ Bites Mini Peppers program features a more environmentally friendly packaging by reducing 25% of plastic usage from industry standard while presenting 3 rotating eye catching suggestive recipes for consumers. The new package material uses minimal plastic with the ability to strengthen banner handle to hold/carry large packs as well as improved display abilities by providing a premium packaging look and feel.

The Beefsteak Slicer Tomatoes features a colour selection that gives a high contrast for tomatoes. More environmentally friendly, the item reduces 30% of paper usage with 3 rotating eye catching suggestive recipes for consumers.

Along with the new features on both new products, a QR code is provided to connect the consumers to our Pure Kitchen Cooking Blog for more suggestive cooking options and recipes. Communication portals are also listed to enhance consumer communication.

For more information:
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