Coop Sole started harvesting Trocadero lettuce and turnips ten days ago. "Apart from some problems due to the warm temperatures, quality is good and we are supplying all of our clients," explains Pietro Ciardiello, director of Coop Sole.

The Cooperative, located in Campania, ships all of its produce abroad to France, Germany, Austria, Poland and Eastern Europe.


"Turnips are rather popular, even though the weather is not supporting consumption, and 8-9 grades can reach even €0.30-0.40 per head. Demand for Trocadero is good, even though it is difficult to aim for higher prices with such warm temperatures. We are now talking about €2.50 for 6 heads and €3.80-4.00 for crates of 12, but the main part of our production will be available between the end of December 2013 and January-February 2014, so we hope we will have better prices by then."

Trocadero lettuce.

"We are also very busy with red and yellow peppers until December, which we ship to domestic retailers. Quality is excellent, better than in the summer because it was too hot. Prices of peppers hover between €1 and 1.20/kg."

Red oblong peppers.

Finally, as regards winter strawberries (in the photo below), Pietro Ciardiello concludes that "we have just started harvesting excellent San Andreas, which we sell both in Italy and abroad (mainly Germany and Austria). Prices vary from €1 for 250g packets to €5.20 for single-layers."

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