Rijk Zwaan has selected the Germination Vision System by Flier Systems for carrying out germination assessments. This brings to an end years of searching for the right solution for this important process. Marc Rijneveen, Head of Quality Control at Rijk Zwaan, talks about his search and also the advantages offered by the system.

Germination Vision System

The Germination Vision System provides information about the germination results when they are tested. The system is a low-threshold form of automation with a short payback period. You always get the most accurate assessment results with the integrated vision software from Aris. The system is suitable for ornamental, 'vegetable fruit' and vegetable plants.

Years of searching

'Over the last few years at Rijk Zwaan we have been looking for an imaging analysis system for assessing seedlings per tray' said Marc Rijneveen. 'We were involved in projects aimed at designing a reliable vision system, but the resulting equipment was not suitable for our type of activities. One day we came across the Germination Vision System at a trade fair...'

Test period

'We were allowed to take the Germination Vision System and test it over a period of a month. The test results were excellent. Apart from that, collaboration between Rijk Zwaan, Aris (vision specialist) and Flier Systems was very good.' According to the quality expert.


'One of the biggest advantages of the machine is the uniform way that plants are assessed. Moreover it fits in perfectly with the way we currently work. Another advantage is the speed at which the young plants can be assessed in the germination tests. Marc Rijneveen stated. This provides uniform and objective quality assessments of the plants. Furthermore, it also saves on labour.

Continuing development

'With this machine we can immediately start making assessments of a number of germination tests.' Marc Rijneveen continued. 'Moreover, we would very much like to continue developing the machine in collaboration with Flier Systems so that we can assess as many plants as possible using it. The machine in its current form is a good starting point, and certainly not the final destination.'

Further information or product demonstrations

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