During Expo AgroAlimentaria Guanajuato 2013, we had the chance to speak with Pedro Contreras from Ulma Agricola Mexico, who told us about the future development of greenhouses built by Ulma in Mexico. Ulma Agricola constructs greenhouses that are sourced from Spain and are active worldwide, not just in Contreras' native Mexico.

For one of their customers, Ulma Agricola Mexico is planning to build an expansion of 2-3 hectares in the coming year. These will be in addition to the high technology greenhouses built last year, which were fitted with double plastic insulated greenhouse walls. For this greenhouse, the customer chose Gothic structures with butterfly window ventilation, which Mr. Contreras says are popular in Mexico. The top of the greenhouse is 8 to 9 meters tall, which is to regulate the temperature in a way which is most beneficial to the plants.

Pedro Contreras at the Expo AgroAlimentaria Guanajuato in Irapuato last week.

Hot water heating pumps were also installed in the ground. "There are some producers who have hot water in other parts of Mexico, but this is not enough to effectively warm the greenhouses. It doesn't matter if you have just hot water, it is also necessary to have the heating under the ground as well."

Contreras also told us about the current market situation in Mexico:

"The Mexican market is slow at the moment, in regards to development, because Mexican producers tend to only buy greenhouses when they receive a subsidy from the government to do so. A new government has come into office which has meant a stop to these subsidies."

However, Pedro Contreras does feel positive about the future of the market because he has heard that subsidies supporting farmers are expected to resume next year.

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