Hydroponics Wholesale.com LLC secures new stores across the USA in a few States and is working with qualified capital investors on a per state basis. Opening a hydroponics store helps organic buyers set up their greenhouse or hydroponics systems to grow produce, grow their own fruits or vegetables, instead of relying on Trader Joes or Whole Foods for most eating sources.

Also, saving food for the future, in case of a shortage, is wise for families with children. Those Hydroponic Supplies are to be purchased here.

"We feel the need to help the Middle Class and upper class, or whoever may own a house, grow their own fruit and veggies," says Andrew, Director of Sales.

Most families can buy products online or visit their local hydroponics store and start growing their favourite fruit and veggies and have an abundant supply for life.

Hydroponics Wholesale is working with quality investors to open a store in their city or state and are only taking inquires with capital seriously.

With over 180+ manufacturers' products available at Hydroponics Wholesale's website, they service customers with offerings below MSRP prices and fast shipping.

Stores can produce up to $1,000,000 in sales in a year, or a minimum of $150,000 in sales, with little customer service. This is a 10 Billion dollar industry and there are many opportunities.

For sales inquiries about opening a location and to qualify, contact the Director of Operations for more information.

Andrew R.

Director of Operations
Direct: M-S 9AM-7PM