At Sandylands Nurseries, work has started on building a high-tech greenhouse, about 4000 Philips GreenPower LED interlighting modules will be installed. With this new lighting system it will be possible to produce British-grown tomatoes all year round. Certhon, one of the preferred Philips LED Horti Partners, will not only install the lighting system, but will also be solely responsible for this turnkey project. Besides building the greenhouse, Certhon will deliver and install all the technical installations.

R & L Holt is a family-run business, dedicated to growing tomatoes since 1980. They grow a variety of tomatoes at the two sites, currently including cherries, cocktail and large tomatoes, all on the vine, as well as loose classic tomatoes. Holt currently run three busy nurseries: Sandylands Nurseries, Hornsfield Nurseries and Springhill Nurseries. Here they are keen to grow produce in a sustainable way by using natural pest control, and are known for their excellent standards. This is underpinned by their membership of the British Tomato Growers’ Association. All their tomatoes are grown in heated glasshouses, which means that the season can stretch from February until November. With their newly built lighting system they will be able to make the season even longer, enabling them to produce all year round.

There is increasing demand from retailers for the UK tomato season to be extended, but with the cost of energy continually increasing it is important that the correct source of light energy is selected to provide the maximum return per kW of energy. With a hybrid lighting system Holt can control growth perfectly throughout the year, especially when the days are short. The system consists of HPS lighting (105 µmol) and Philips GreenPower LED interlighting (110 µmol). The HPS lighting supplies heat and light and the LED modules provide the tomatoes with precisely controlled and highly efficient interlighting. This makes it possible to create the best possible conditions for the plants while retaining maximum control.

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