Banglas F1, the first white cucumber of Almería type, developed in Spain, has become one of the most exclusive vegetable for European consumers. With an average length of 30 cm and with a colour depending on the degree of maturity, ranging from light mint green to white, it is a variety that keeps many similarities with traditional cucumbers grown in the Netherlands and Belgium, that currently, have almost disappeared from the market.

A market survey conducted in Central European countries, in collaboration with local dealers, confirmed the interest of wholesale operators to offer original and attractive vegetables that encourage the consumption of fresh vegetables. After discarding several options, Zayintec finally decided to develop a white cucumber of Almeria type, with excellent organoleptic properties, and that represents "a return to origins, for Dutch and Belgian consumers, that remind some traditional specialities that are produced in small quantities and are now difficult to find, " explains Francisco Bermudez, CEO of Zayintec .


Banglas F1 is in his last year of testing before moving to marketing on a large scale in the next campaign. The test results are very promising, as it has attracted much attention and great interest among distributors and consumers. With a unique shape and colour in its segment, Banglas F1 opens up exciting new possibilities for the marketing of a vegetable that has hardly innovated in decades. A taste sweeter and more intense, along with a unique colour of its own, will allow its combination with dark green cucumber in the same package and develop a new presentation inspired by the well-known pepper tricolor (single package with red, green and yellow pepper).

Zayintec expects that the interest shown by Dutch traders and companies will generate trade agreements with Almeria providers. Thus, consumer demand will help to create a new crop in Almeria that will help to improve the profitability of the producers. In addition, F1 Banglas also benefits the distributor, because of its excellent postharvest behaviour that allows to reach more distant markets, thanks to its less water containing that causes greater life.

For now, the tastings organized by Zayintec, in collaboration with Gaby Restoration Group, have shown a substantial difference in flavour and sugar content with respect to green cucumber. In the mouth, white cucumber is further distinguished by having a smoother texture and an easier digestion. Those attending the tastings, recognised and agreed that Banglas F1 is perfect to accompany and enrich cold dishes.

This variety of intermediate internodes, with only female flowers and autofecundable, is a plant of intermediate vigour and gives one fruit per juncture. The production is very uniform in size and shape, and the fruits have a well drawn longitudinally ribbed, no bottleneck. This strain is resistant to yellow vein virus (CVYV), cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) and yellows virus (CYSDV). Banglas F1 is especially recommended for early and spring plantings and its performance is similar to green Almería type.

Zayintec is a company established in 2009 for the generation of value added products for horticultural sector. Its activity is focused on plant breeding and horticultural specialities obtaining exclusive products that generate new consumer trends and better prices for the farmer.

So far, the work done by the team of research experts has become an international benchmark and has enabled the company to achieve significant market position in North Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe. Zayintec, located at the University of Almería, has permanent lines of collaboration with research centres.

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