Prices haven't been high in the home markets of Almeria since the beginning of November. Since prices were unstable and prone to decrease from the beginning of the campaign, the current high temperatures are not benefiting farmers, as they are producing an oversupply that the foreign market is currently not demanding.

One of the products that has been the most affected in this last week was the pepper. Ten days ago some of its varieties prices approached profitable values, but currently none of its varieties are exceeding eighty cents. The green Italian pepper started auctions at 50 cents and ended at around 30 cents. The red lamuyo is being sold between 65 and 40 cents and the green one has a first cut of 57 cents and is later sold at 45 cents per kilo. The yellow california pepper doesn't exceed 35 cents and ends at 20 cents, the California red ranges between 45 and 30 cents and the California Green is being traded between 70 and 50 cents per kilo.

The only product that currently reaches acceptable prices is the zucchini, but this is due to the reduction in supply as a result of a virus that is seriously affecting these crops in the fields of Almeria. The thin zucchini has a rough cut of 1.35 Euro and auctions of 1.10 Euro while the fat zucchini is being traded between Euro 1.20 and 90 cents per kilo. The striped eggplant prices range from 70 to 50 cents and the long eggplant's first cuts are at 34 cents and it is later being sold at around 25 cents.

The long cucumber's price has also come down this week, its quotes do not exceed 28 cents and it is ending at about 10 cents per kilo. The french Cucumber is being sold between 40 and 20 cents and the short black cucumber, the most valuable one, is being sold between 87 and 60 cents per kilo. The green beans prices are acceptable due to the low production of this vegetable. The helda beans recorded a first cut of 2.40 Euro and a final price of 1.50 Euro, the long perona has an average price of 1.80 Euro, the emerite has an average of 1.90 and strike bean is sold between 2 Euro and 1.30 Euro per kilo.

Tomato prices are having an upward trend these days. The long life green tomato has an average price of 45 cents, the pear variety is sold between 47 and 30 cents and the tomato bouquet has a rough cut of 50 cents and sales end at around 30 cents per kilo. It's not a good start for the horticultural campaign in Almeria, even when it seems it's beginning to take off. Atmospheric conditions and the presence of competition in the foreign market are curbing the demand of Almeria's supply.