It was a wonderful sight at Kwekerij Wim Peters last week, when the new Philips LED GreenPower interlighting modules were switched on for the first time. B-E De Lier has installed a total of 7998 modules measuring 2.5 meters in length over an area of 3.2 hectares. That is equivalent to 20 kilometers of LED lighting!

This nursery in Someren is using the new lighting installation to grow Roma Vine plum tomatoes all year round. Kwekerij Wim Peters expects the LED interlighting to provide greater flexibility and to ensure a consistent level of quality. It is particularly in the winter months when the added value of the installation will become apparent.

The entire lighting system has been installed by Philips LED Horti partner B-E De Lier. The tomato plants are already in the greenhouse and the first plum tomatoes are expected to be ready for harvest around Christmastime.

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