The well-known Dutch Begonia grower Willem Kuipers in Roelofarendsveen is the first grower in Holland to benefit from the special characteristics of the SHS White Therm Antifire B1 screen by Novavert. As a replacement for a non-flame-retardant screen as well as a in new-built greenhouses, a total of approximately 1.5 Hectare is currently being installed by Dutch installer Alweco. High energy savings resulting from the unique double-layer construction with a white top layer and a transparent bottom layer convinced Kuipers, as well as the light diffusion and the extended warranty period of six years.

"The SHS Shade Therm Antifire B1 and the sister product White Therm are woven PE-screens that incorporate textile threads for humidity transport", said Novavert's Niclas Heescher. "They have been bestsellers in Denmark, Germany and neighbouring countries so far and now the step to Holland has been taken."

Heescher is especially happy about the project: “A grower with an excellent reputation like Mr Kuipers has, requires a quality screen to create the perfect climate. He conducted his own research, travelled all over Germany to visit other growers who have been Novavert customers for years and his conclusion is very well-based. Our product may be more expensive than a couple of other solutions on the market but we are sure it is worth every penny and pays back due to its great performance and long lifetime.”

The Novavert product range includes flame-retardant screens for all applications, from transparent to blackout.

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