Co-owner Dirk van der Kaaij of tomato grower RedStar has indicated that he will retire from the board of his company, starting December 1, 2013. He will stay on as an advisor. Dirk van der Kaaij will make way for a newly appointed board that must give shape to the (international) ambitions of RedStar.

RedStar has reached a new phase of its existence. The Westland tomato grower now achieves an annual turnover of more than eighty million and wants to realize further growth through internationalization. Dirk van der Kaaij: "That requires a different style of management, other management skills and specific knowledge of foreign markets. In recent years, RedStar deliberately brought in new people, even from outside the company, like our new CEO Rob Bal."

From January 1, 2014, the management of RedStar will consist of Rob Bal (CEO), Cor van der Kaaij (production director), Meltem Klaassen-Aytug (CFO) and a commercial director still to be appointed. Dirk van der Kaaij remains a committed shareholder of RedStar.

Great performance
CEO Rob Bal: "Dirk has spent the last forty years doing a great job in turning a modest family business into a strong company supplying tomatoes around the world. We are among the most innovative tomato growers in the Netherlands, and this is largely due to Dirks effort and commitment."

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