In its modern production plant in Putignano (Bari), Arrigoni created an innovative fabric for the protection of open field crops during winter.

In the past few years, Arrigoni provided its technology and experience in the netting sector, to meet the needs of important Northern Europe clients.

The idea was to create a fabric that combined various characteristics:
  • transparent fabric to let sunlight through in winter in order to guarantee excellent photosynthesis;
  • thickness, so lepidoptera such as cabbage butterflies and moths cannot lay on crops;
  • protection of crops from birds and animals;
  • a weave to enable irrigation water to sift through gradually and reduce the impact of heavy rainfall;
  • lightness, so it can be directly laid on crops without the need of supports;
  • porosity, so excess water can evaporate and there is no water logging, thus preventing fungal diseases from developing;
  • robustness, so it can resist to the strong Northern winds;
  • strength, in order to reduce operating and disposal costs.
Arricover satisfies all these needs.

It has already been used for various years both in Europe and North America (6 million square meters were exported only last year ), so it can be confirmed that open field crops as cabbage, carrot, turnip, leek and strawberry grow in a specific microclimate that protects and helps them.

Arricover is also used in the flower growing sector to protect bulbs, heathers and seed-beds.

For a number of reasons, and thanks to the ideal microclimate that is created under the nets, crops protected with Arricover look like open field summer crops – great colour, vigour and growth.

Thanks to the gained experience, Arricover nets last more than 5 years.

Arricover is available in rolls from 2 to 24 meters wide.

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