PuraNatura is a recognized biological concept in the United States, Canada and Scandinavia. Peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers grown under the PuraNatura guidelines have ultimate taste and are grown with maximum attention to product and environment. The plant is completely organic and deploys organic fertilizers.

The PuraNatura concept has been around for eight years. It aims at sustainable cultivation on a large scale. It intends to minimize CO2 emissions per kilogram of product. The growers use a production plan in which clean cultivation, maximum durability and minimal environmental impact are central.

Dutch Nursery Grootscholte is the only Dutch company that maintains PuraNatura as an integrated concept. The risks are much greater than with traditional cultivation. Unlike in America and in Scandinavian countries, the concept cannot be sold as organic in Europe. In addition, there is an increased risk of crop diseases, as most pesticides are banned from production. 

The founder of Nursery Grootscholte, Wim Grootscholte, has had a passion for sustainable and natural cultivation for years. Together with his son Jim, he wants to show that it is possible to grow sustainably and still achieve a sufficient return. "It is a difficult process. The economic results are very variable. A degree of luck is involved. Sustainable cultivation equals top sport." 

As long as there is no evidence that a sustainable and profitable product can indeed be grown, Grootscholte is sparingly in his communication. Yet PuraNatura is in the news on a regular basis. A grant was obtained from the DIT fund of Rabobank Westland recently, leading to further exposure. 

Source: rabobank magazine