Koppert brings a black variant of the well-known Horiver trap on the market. Tests in Spain shows that a black Horiver catches at least twice as many Tuta absoluta. The new black Horiver sticky trap is an additional tool in the fight against Tuta absoluta, a very harmful leafminer with a strong preference for tomato.

Until now, the predatory bugs Nesidiocoris tenuis (Mediterranean) and Macrolophus pygmaeus (Northern Europe) constitute a solid foundation in the fight against Tuta absoluta, in combination with pheromones and Bacillus thuringiensis preparations.

The new sticky trap is especially useful during the winter, when natural enemies are not yet well established.

As with the yellow and blue variant, the black Horiver is covered with a layer of strong, wet glue. This drops the leaf miner in the adhesive and can’t fly off the plate. Moreover, the plates will last longer.

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