Experts predict that prices of tomatoes will increase in the next few weeks in Argentina. According to sources increases will continue as is being paid up to 400 pesos (U.S. $ 68.4) for a 20 kilo box of tomatoes.

The scene is even more troubling in Argentina’s countryside as almost all of the tomato production is sent to Buenos Aires because of its cost; as is the case of the tomatoes from Corrientes, whose production is being directed almost exclusively to the local market. Meanwhile, there is very little production from Salta and Jujuy. The same sources explained that the sharp rise in prices had scared consumers away, and that they are currently buying very little tomatoes. Some restaurants continued buying tomatoes out of necessity, but in smaller proportions. "Local consumers already know that the vegetable’s price is unprecedented, you can’t pay the same price for a kilo of tomatoes as a kilo of chicken," they say. Prices might start dropping in November, when they get more production from Mendoza.