Despite a difficult year in terms of weather, the German town of Schkölen has reason to be satisfied with the tomato harvest last year. The 'rich harvest' days are over now, but up to 25 tons of ripe fruits per shift is still being harvested, sorted and packaged.

Thomas Henniger, manager of Gemüse-Produktion GmbH Schkölen, says: "At the height of the season our pickers could bring up in over 40 tons a day." Until the end of November, the harvest will continue. After that the plants are removed. Around mid-January, the cycle starts again from the beginning. Looking back on 2013, Henning is pleased with results. 

"The first months of the flowering period were very good. During the summer, especially in June, the days were too dark and it was raining a lot.” However, the summer delivered. "It was a difficult year so far, but things worked out for us."