FloraHolland is heading towards a Netherlands-wide approach to its auctioning. They are starting off this process by linking the Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk flower clocks together, next to moving the Bleiswijk clocks to Naaldwijk. The organizational setup will be streamlined and simplified. The number of managerial posts will be reduced by approximately 25 per cent.

For 2014, the above measures combined will mean the loss of approx. 200 full-time jobs. Unfortunately, compulsory redundancies cannot be ruled out.

The trade unions and the works council will be involved in the further measures. Operational management will have to continue to move with the times flexibly and continually, keeping up with the scale of change in clock sales volumes.

It is forecast that carrying out these measures will incur approx. €20 million in one-off costs. As provided for in the FloraHolland Articles of Association, the Cooperative Board intends to fund these losses out of the liquidity contribution. For the purposes of the forthcoming 2013 FloraHolland annual accounts, valuations of available legal rights to land acquisition will be scrutinized, and it is expected that approx. €10 million will have to be written off FloraHolland's equity.

Source: FloraHolland