As they informed via their magazine, the Agroponiente Group (Agroponiente and VegacaƱada) closed last season with a turnover of 240 million euro and a production volume of more than 286 million kilograms. In this sense, Agroponiente's CEO, Antonio Escobar, said that the 2012/2013 campaign had been good in terms of price and had led the group's average prices to increase by 18% compared to previous agricultural season.

Cucumbers and eggplants have had the biggest average price increase per campaign: 22%. These products' production volumes, as cited in the publication, have decreased by 3% and 12 %, respectively. Following them is the zucchini with a 15% rise, peppers (+13 %) and tomatoes (+10 %). The price of watermelons has also increased by 5%.

Tomatoes still rank number one in terms of production volume, with 101 million kilos traded between Agroponiente and VegacaƱada. Second place is for cucumbers, which amounted to 50 million kilos, followed by peppers with 45 million kilos, watermelons with 36, zucchini with 30, eggplants and melons with 12, and beans with 3 million kilos.