From 30 September – 4th October MexiCultura organized a mission to the Netherlands. The group of 17 Mexican participants consisted of growers, Morelos state government involved in Agropark developments and capital funds FUNDERM and FOCIR.

MexiCultura is a 2g@there program that unites Dutch horticultural suppliers, government and knowledge institutions who aim to develop sustainable production systems in close cooperation with local Mexican partners. Recently MexiCultura signed a cooperation agreement with AMHPAC at their annual convention. Other close partners are SAGARPA, FOCIR and the state governments of Sinaloa, Aguascalientes and Queretaro. Throughout the year a number of activities are organized in the Netherlands and Mexico. One of these activities is the mission organized last week.

Cooperation is an important factor in the success of the Dutch horticultural sector (the so-called ‘Greenport’ model). The MexiCultura programme facilitates and promotes the cooperation between Mexican growers, investors and policy makers and the relevant Dutch networks. With the goal to further promote the development of the Mexican horticultural sector and the Dutch business participation in it. The focus of the Mexican visit to the Netherlands is to show what the Netherlands has to offer in terms of hardware, greenware, knowledge and experience.

The program has a focus on 5 main themes: Starting material & new varieties, Greenhouse climate & energy, Water management, Food safety, Crop management & IPM and Knowledge transfer and training. Several of these themes were the topics of the visits, focusing on adapted sustainable solutions for the Mexican agricultural sector. The group visited growers, agriport A7, knowledge institutes, training centers and breeders. During these visits a lot of attention has been given to knowledge exchange and match making, several of the MexiCultura participants assisted with presentations.

In October MexiCultura is present at the Congreso Nacional de Horticultura (Tenanchingo, Mex) and PMA. In November MexiCultura is organising a visit to the states of Sinaloa and Aguascalientes to present the Government to Government roadmaps and will be present with a booth at the Holland pavilion.

For more information about the program please visit our website or contact our project officer or

The MexiCultura group consists of:
Anthura, AVAG, Aweta, Bosman, Codema, GE, Fedecom, Greefa, Growgroup, Hoogendoorn, Horticoop, DLV Plant, DLG, Hortimax, HollandGaas/Scherming, Ridder, Van Dijk Bloemen, Van der Knaap, Peter Dekker Installaties, VB Climate, Visser ITE, Wageningen University & Research.