The long history of Vilmorin is something that is worth capitalising. All the values that have characterised the company since 1743 must be remembered - audacity, closeness and competence. For Vilmorin, an international company, it is also the occasion to reunite its 750 employees under a new company identity.
A new logo
The new and bright Vilmorin logo is full of energy. The green oval, which has been part of the logo since 1964, was maintained because it is well-known on the markets. In multimedia, it is combined with a graphic element to make it dynamic - thin grooves are arranged to form curved lines representing the wide gesture of sowing. They represent Vilmorin's will to spread its seeds all over the world for present and future generations - a symbol of both conquest and sharing.

"Seed generation": the signature of a modern brand

The new signature reflects the strategic vision of the Vilmorin brand. The term "Seed" evokes its know-how, whereas the term "Generation" conveys the strength and dynamism of creation. "Generation" also refers to those men and women - Valmorin's people - who have built the company and work to guarantee its success. 

This signature also links the brand to a human approach directed at professionals and final consumers, for which the brand continues to innovate generation after generation. English was chosen to underline Valmorin's international ambitions.

New graphics 
Developed on multimedia supports, this graphics guarantees a coherent communication of the Vilmorin brand image. It will be used daily by Vilmorin collaborators all over the world.