The Energy Combination Wieringermeer (ECW) assited by VB Group, has chosen Hoogendoorn and partner Van der Laan for automating the geothermal project and the associated park management in the area Agriport A7 in the Netherlands. With the drilling of geothermal wells this special project is a next step towards a sustainable energy supply.

Robert Kielstra Director of ECW explains the choice for Hoogendoorn and Van der Laan: "For process automation and installation we chose the combination Hoogendoorn -Van der Laan. With this choice we expect to have the right mix between a reliable and proven local installer Van der Laan and automation company Hoogendoorn. Distinctive is Hoogendoorn’s preference for industrial and open standards. With a view to future adjustments and in terms of reliability this was decisive for the cluster".

The Energy Combination Wieringermeer is a partnership in the field of energy between the companies established in the Agriport A7, the Netherlands. The geothermal project aims to contribute to sustainable heat for eight major greenhouse companies in an area of 300 hectares in total. Hoogendoorn provides the automation for this major project and Van der Laan delivers the electrical installation.

Control accuracy and reliability

The two doublets that are now being drilled are just the beginning: in the future further enlargement with more wells and delivery stations will be provided. About 12 kilometers special pipes are laid in the ground to transport heat to the participating companies. To keep the efficiency as high as possible ECW has high demands on the control accuracy, reliability and scalability of the automation. With the premium process control of Hoogendoorn, ECW can meet these requirements.


Drilling wells

At the moment, the first well is being drilled to a depth of over 2,500 meters. This requires a derrick of 52 meters high, with a capacity of 350 tons. In total, four wells are placed in the ground, two of these are used to pull the water up. The two others serve to bring the water back into the soil to warm it up again. The pumped water has a temperature that exceeds 90 degrees. This relatively high temperature is favorable for the heat output.

15 percent reduction in gas

As this total greenhouse complex will use geothermal energy as a renewable energy source, the pump can continue to run day and night. Hereby, the well provides a high return on investment. In addition, geothermal energy reduces CO2 emissions by 70 percent when being compared to traditional heating. Hereby, at least 15 percent of gas saving for the glass greenhouse companies is calculated. According to the Rabobank, by the use of geothermal energy in horticulture, the national natural gas consumption decreases with two percent.


About ECW

The Energy Combination Wieringermeer (ECW) aims to optimally realize and exploit the energy infrastructure in Agriport A7. Therefore ECW transports resources such as gas and electricity on site. Since 2011 ECW is also active in the production and supply of heat. In addition to the transport of gas, electricity and heat production and transport, ECW is actively seeking a CO2 source and manages the groundwater permits for cold-heat storage and irrigation water for the entire area. The core of ECW is therefore to do what is right for the agriculture activity in this area, which cannot be done by the individual companies.

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