Creating and selling soil improvers that respect the natural cycles of crops all the while enhancing the quality of the product without having negative effects on the environment - this is the mission of Rigenera Srl, a company located in Pognano (Emilia-Romagna). They are selling natural and innovative products for organic fertilization. They are convinced they can combine profitability with the safeguard for the organic energy of soil.

After many years of research in order to identify the more suitable substrata to obtain high quality compost, Rigenera can now supply efficient and versatile solutions.

The company manufactured different products suitable for the most demanding soils and the most critical crops both for protected cultivations and open fields.

The products are made from only two organic matrices: wooden-cellulose substrata of agricultural and/or forest origin and animal manure, obtained thanks to controlled aerobic humidification processes. No waste is used.

Raw material is supplied or advised by Rigenera and the process is monitored thanks to a close collaboration with the manager of the humidification plant. The company can trace all substrata and the technicians monitor the use of the product obtained with specific patented machinery that keeps the humidification process under control.

The leading product is Terraviva+, which is available in three formulas: Tal Quale, Vagliato fine and Pellettato.

The only ingredients of Terraviva+ are durum wheat straw, animal excrements and wooden-cellulose material if needed. Everything is processed for 90 days inside a specific plant that moves and ventilates it every day.

In the past few years, an excellent experience has been reached for the management of plants for the production and selection of raw materials. The result, with shorter times and low costs, it the same to what they once reached after years of seasoning and manual movement i.e. the so-called "black butter", precious manure aged and processed according to the best rural tradition.

Nowadays, thanks to Terraviva + soil improvers, "black butter" is available once again for those farmers wanting a high quality natural product able to reinstate the ideal balance to the soil for maximum efficiency. 

The product obtained with Terraviva+ is stable and balanced. The material ferments spontaneously and naturally in the plant at a temperature between 60° and 70°. This means that the seeds of infesting plants, moulds, spores, bacteria and excess nitrogen are eliminated. 

There are many benefits: better soil workability, enhanced water retention for light soils, increased porosity and permeability in clayey soils, slow release of nutritional elements, prevention of burns caused by fertilizers and positive agri-environmental effects (it prevents desertification and erosion and favours temporary carbon fixation according to the levels of the soil).

No MSW or other waste is used in order to guarantee the absence of heavy metals and other polluting substances.

The product is available at an excellent value for money in the Tal Quale, Vagliato fine and Pellet formats, which are perfectly adaptable to any kind of machinery, therefore saving working hours and costs. 

Upon request, Rigenera can integrate Terraviva+ with other nutrients. Terraviva+ is delivered with an analysis certificate of the Società Minoprio Analisi e Certificazioni Srl located in Minoprio (

A product easy to spread with any type of machinery, supplied in various formats depending on the requests of the clients and with a number of advantages such as genuineness, uniformity and consistency over time, on top of the fact that it is easy to use and that very little product is needed.

Rigenera is monitoring its use on salad, asparagus, courgette, aubergine, strawberry, vine, cherry, apple and pear crops with the help of their clients and agronomists.

Luca Lonati
General Manager
Via V. Veneto, 10
24040 Pognano (BG) - Italy
Tel.: (+39) 035 4817923
Cell.: (+39) 347 7338525