BC Greenhouse Builders will be manufacturing a second community greenhouse for the town of Banff, Alberta. “We were approached by the Town of Banff in 2010 to build their first community greenhouse which has been a great success,” says Angela Drake Marketing Director from BC Greenhouses. “The need for a greenhouse came out of a community survey in 2006 and they now have over 34 growing beds and a Banff Greenhouse Gardening Society that administers the program.”

The strength of their community and ability to pool resources is not only admirable, but inspiring. The Cross Country Traditional 20x40 Fivewall greenhouse was installed with the help of the Town of Banff and various community groups. It was so successful that another greenhouse is in the works.

“They are currently in the planning process for a 20x30 fivewall polycarbonate greenhouse,” says Drake. “The fivewall polycarbonate proved to be a perfect option for their growing concerns and climate.”

BC Greenhouse Builders is one of the few greenhouse manufacturers to offer fivewall polycarbonate as a choice for greenhouse glazing. Fivewall polycarbonate is lightweight; UV protected and provides 62% light transmission which creates a great growing environment. The thermal insulating factor is Relative Heat Gain 3.03 which is 80% more insulating than single glass.

For more information on the Banff community greenhouse, go to their Facebook page.

For more information on fivewall polycarbonate, please visit BC Greenhouses.