From Wednesday 6 through Friday 8 November, the FloraHolland flower auction is hosting the FloraHolland Trade Fair Aalsmeer. For three days, this international trade fair will be the place where traders and producers of ornamental plants and flowers can meet each other and do business. More than 650 growers and 50 breeders from inside and outside the Netherlands will be presenting their wares and displaying new products and concepts to exporters, wholesalers, and their customers.

Thanks to an expansion of the trade fair floor of no fewer than 5,000m2, the trade fair will be improved by the participation of leading international breeders of flowers and plants. The complete overview of flowers, plants, product concepts and new products that the attending trade public normally receives has been expanded to include breeders' innovations and in doing so, the FloraHolland Trade Fair has become an all-inclusive networking and inspiration fair for the floriculture industry. From an international perspective, this has made the FloraHolland trade fair even more attractive to, and accessible for, a broader trade public.

In the middle of the trade fair, visitors will find The Village. There will be plenty to do there and, in addition to inspiration and trends, presentations will be given on the possibilities offered by sales channels that are generally new for the industry. In addition, plenty of focus will be placed on sense marketing, with which consumers' purchasing behavior can be influenced. At The Village, these ideas will be integrated into shop floor solutions for supermarkets, garden centers and florists that cater to important consumer profiles.

New Products are an important segment at the FloraHolland Trade Fair and in Aalsmeer, the nominations for the Glazen Tulp 2014 will be announced. Furthermore, dozens of growers and breeders will be in attendance to present their new products and concepts.
Opening times

The FloraHolland Trade Fair will be held from Wednesday 6 through Friday 8 November in Aalsmeer. The trade fair will be open on Wednesday from 9:00am to 6:00pm; on Thursday from 9:00am to 5:00pm; and on Friday from 9:00am to 2:00pm. Entry is free for trade professionals.

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