The damage caused by the rains of Hurricane Manuel have slowly begun to emerge, local authorities still don't know the extent of the damage. Such is the case of San Miguel de la Atarjea (Mexico), where farmers suffered losses in greenhouse structures.

Lauro Barrón López, president of the Farmers Association, said that several structures could not withstand the weight of the accumulated water and eventually collapsed. "There is nothing left, only the structure's twisted metal, there was too much water accumulated on the plastic so it ripped it, it couldn't stand the weight of the water," he said.

He said that the greenhouses had been built a couple of years ago with the intention of producing tomato and papaya plants but that, due to the harsh weather, they wouldn't be able to produce them this season.

The winds and rains, he said, are usually stronger in the hillside and this time was no exception. One can see some damaged trees and a greenhouse that was productive a few months. Barrón López considered that the authorities had to ascertain the damages caused by rains during this month, as the producers had just weathered the effects left by a hailstorm earlier this month, and now had to face the damage left by Manuel.