The International Geothermal Industrial Fair, Geo-T EXPO, is being held for the first time from 12 to 14 November 2013. The new dates were agreed between Messe Essen and the German Geothermal Association (GtV), which will be holding its well-respected Geothermal Congress "DGK" concurrently with the new geothermal fair in Essen in 2013.

"Together with the German Geothermal Association GtV as a strong partner, we will be highlighting the importance of geothermal energy for the energy turnaround worldwide not only for the trade public,“ stresses Frank Thorwirth, Chairman of the Management Board of Messe Essen. "The concurrent fair and congress represent a huge opportunity to bring together science, suppliers and users and, in this way, offer an all-inclusive communication platform for this important subject."

Waldemar Müller-Ruhe is also convinced that holding both the fair and congress concurrently will create optimum conditions for all participants. "The Congress alone with some 150 specialised papers," says the President of the German Geothermal Association (GtV-Bundesverband Geothermie), "will attract several hundred delegates to Essen."

Some 100 exhibitors are expected in Essen for the fair, which is being held in the Autumn of 2013, including in particular manufacturers of drilling equipment and machinery as well as producers of plant and power station technology and their respective suppliers. Above all engineers and plant manufacturers but also energy utilities, municipal utilities and financing companies are being targeted as visitors. The organiser, Messe Essen, in cooperation with Lorenz Kommunikation, is assuming a figure of up to 1,000 visitors for the first event.

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