NSF-GFTC, a Certification Body for the CanadaGAP program, will be holding a CanadaGAP Auditor Training Course October 21-25, 2013 at the NSF-GFTC office in Guelph. The course is designed to train potential auditors specifically for the CanadaGAP program. It includes an intensive review of the CanadaGAP requirements, with the incorporation of practical examples specific to commodity or region, and an optional 'HACCP overview' unit.

Course Schedule:
Days 1-4: Classroom training
Day 5 (morning):
1 hour pre-exam review
CanadaGAP Auditor Exam
HACCP Exam (optional)

This course may be of interest to:
  • Those interested in becoming CanadaGAP auditors
  • Those responsible for the food safety program within your company
  • Those conducting internal audits in preparation for CanadaGAP certification
  • Consultants
  • Program participants who want to further their understanding of CanadaGAP Requirements
  • Buyers or other stakeholders.
Participants must pre-qualify by familiarizing themselves with the CanadaGAP Food Safety Manual in advance of the training and successfully completing a pre-course assignment.

Please click here to ensure you meet the CanadaGAP auditor qualifications and requirements. Contact the certification body you are interested in working for to understand their auditor qualification process.

Course Cost
Member Rate: $1,420.00 + tax
Early Bird Rate (by Sept 30, 2013): $1,499.00 + tax
Regular Rate: $1,578.00 + tax

To register for the course, please visit the NSF website.
For more information:
Annette Crewson, Acting Operations Manager, Training Services
Tel: 519-821-1246 ext. 5028
Email: acrewson@gftc.ca