Despite all the new varieties of tomatoes, classic "salad" tomatoes, i.e., big grade fruits that are harvested singularly when ripe, are still very popular in many regions in Italy (Sicily, Calabria, Campania, Lazio and Northern Italy in general). Presidente F1 is among the most popular. Many local growers have been successfully using the Southern Seed Srl hybrid, cultivating it both in greenhouses and under nets.

Presidente F1

As regards the characteristics of the plant, it has good vigour and excellent productivity with a low percentage of waste.

The fruits weight between 205-300 grams. They maintain well for long periods of time, from when they are green at the onset of ripening to when they are red and fully ripe. Fruits have uniform grades even in the top part of the plant. All of these characteristics mean they sell well.

Presidente F1 is the top variety for early transplants thanks to its good tolerance to TYLCV, so it is easier to cultivate during the warmest months.

Another type of tomato is also very successful. We are talking about green oblong smooth Alan F1 tomatoes, one of the best varieties available on the market. This hybrid is highly productive and it is of excellent quality and, after a long period during which is was experimented, it raised the interest of both growers and dealers who appreciated its particular characteristics.

Alan F1

The plant has a good vigour and a balanced development, with leaves covering fruits adequately and guaranteeing good air circulation during the most humid periods and excellent protection during Winter time. The excellent tolerance to TYLCV must not be underestimated.

The uniform bunches consist of six fruits on average, which weight around 130-150 grams. They are oblong, with compact pulp and thick epicarp. In addition, they have a good resistance to cracking and a long shelf-life. All of these qualities help reassure growers, as there is very little waste and a high quality product is guaranteed.

Both of the hybrids have a specific weight which is 15-18% higher than the other varieties of the same type, so why not buy them?

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