The zucchini exported by Spain in the first six months of 2013 has increased in value by 10.94 percent over the same period of 2012, exceeding 158 million euro, with an average of 26.34 million euro a month. 152,990,000 million euro correspond European Union member countries and the remaining 5.03 million to other countries according to data from the Department of Customs and Excise of the Ministry of Economy, via Fepex.

The average price of the first half of this year was 0.85 euro per kilo, while in the same time frame last year the average price was 0.82 euro a kilo, thus there has been a 3.11 percent increase in prices.
The volume of zucchini exports in the first six months of the year was 184.99 million kilos, a 7.6 percent increase over the same period of 2012.

Of the 20 EU countries that imported zucchini the most within the analyzed period, Belgium paid the best (€ 1.08 /kg ), followed by Slovenia ( 0.97 ) and Poland , with 0.96 euro per kilo .

Slovakia ranks fourth place in the price paid for Spanish zucchini; in the first half of the year they paid an average price of 0.92 euros / kg. France, the biggest importer by volume, appears in eighth place in price ranking, with an average price of 0.86 euro per kilo.

From the list of the top 20 importers, Portugal, with prices that didn't surpass the € 0.61 / kg paid the least for the Spanish zucchini. Sweden (0.68), Denmark (0.70) and Luxembourg , with 0.72 euro per kilo price rank above Portugal.

The main importers
By volume, France ranks first in purchases of Spanish zucchini, with a total of 63.66 million kilos, for which they paid 54.55 million euro.

Germany ranked second in volume, with 41.59 million kilos at 34.21 million euro, and eleventh in prices paid (0.82 euro per kilo).

Britain, that purchased 21.33 million kilos of zucchini at a total value of 19.43 million euro at an average price of 0.91 euro per kilo, ranked third in volume and fifth in prices.

The data for the 20 EU countries main importers of Spanish zucchini can be seen in the following table.