With the introduction of controlled agriculture, the production per hectare of tomatoes, cucumbers or Morron peppers has been multiplied by up to 10, which is why the Mexican Secretariat for Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (Sagarpa) will promote the installation of more greenhouses in various regions of Tamaulipas, as reported by the delegate of the Tamaulipas department, Eduardo Mancilla Gómez.

The official pointed out that there are currently 200 hectares of high-tech greenhouses in the state, based in the towns of Tula, Llera, Mante, Victoria, Miguel Alemán and Río Bravo, and that this year another 18 million pesos will be invested in such projects.

The controlled production of tomatoes, cucumbers and Morron peppers ensures sufficient production volumes during the periods of highest demand, both at a domestic and international level, with excellent prices, thus guaranteeing good profits.

Additionally, it allows growers to multiply their production by up to 10 compared to what they would obtain from open-field crops, increasing profits by up to 60%.

"In the case of greenhouse-grown tomatoes, producers in Tula are reaching a yield of 350 tonnes per hectare, while open-ground plantations produce a maximum of 40 tonnes, which represents an advantage of 310 tonnes."

In the case of cucumbers, up to 150 tonnes per hectare can be produced in greenhouses, while in traditional plantations barely 20 tonnes per hectare can be harvested.

As for Morron peppers, producers obtain up to 200 tonnes per hectare in greenhouses, compared to the 30 tonnes per hectare reaped at open-ground plantations.

Source: Latarde.com