According to data elaborated by Hortoinfo and obtained from Fepex and the Spanish Tax Agency, of the 20 countries in the European Union which received the majority of Spanish tomato exports during the first semester of 2013, Finland is the one paying the highest prices, with an average of 1.46 Euro per kilo, followed by Belgium, with 1.33 Euro per kilo, and Sweden, with an average price of 1.25 Euro per kilo. The list continues with Latvia (1.17 Euro/kilo) and Germany (1.15 Euro/kilo).

The country paying the lowest prices was Portugal, with only 0.75 Euro/kilo, right behind Romania, with 0.76, Bulgaria, with 0.79 and Lithuania, which paid 0.80 Euro/kilo.

The main importers

By volume, the number one destination for Spanish tomatoes was, as usual, Germany, with a total of 132.89 million kilos, for which it paid 152.52 million Euro at an average price of 1.15 Euro/kilo.

France reached second place in terms of volume, with 95.47 million kilos, for which they paid 82.41 million Euro. France was tenth in the prices ranking, with an average of 0.86 Euro/kilo.

The third position by volume was for the United Kingdom, as it purchased 88.78 million kilos of tomatoes, with a total value of 80.83 million Euro and an average price of 0.91 Euro/kilo.