This year, Dutch nursery The Bleiswijkse Zoom is cultivating the Atalante pepper for the first time. During a tour of Enza Zaden, experiences with the relatively new variety were discussed.

Martijn Ammerlaan of the Bleiswijkse Zoom discusses Atalante with Wilbert van den Bosch and Maikel van den Berg

The production of Atalante and the main variety mostly coincide. "The fruit weight of Atalante is slightly lower in the Spring but under warm conditions the variety keeps its fruit size and is therefore slightly heavier in summer," explains Frank Duijndam of Enza Zaden during the tour.

The peppers have been harvested two days before. Frank Duijndam: "As you can see: they keep their size and therefore fall into the 85 +." The produce is shipped to Japan and the US and that went well. Shelf life has not been a problem. 

Frank Duijndam of Enza Zaden

Whether or not the grower will work with Atalante again next year remains to be seen. Martijn Ammerlaan of the Bleiswijkse Zoom: “The Stayer, our main variety, has given us some marvellous results twice before. That counts."

Tim Breugem of DB Zoom

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