Using the best techniques available for heating the greenhouse, reduce CO2 emissions and, if possible, growing without chemical crop protection. The whole horticultural sector is working on it, but the consumer is hardly aware of it. The Belgium Green Heart lable is meant to change that. "The efforts of the sector are made visible. If you buy a product with the label, you can be sure that it is healthy, tasty and sustainable." Growers all over are invited to join the movement. 

Daniël Cromphout of KBC , Piet de Schepper of Tomaholic, Stefaan Vandaele of Peltracom.

The label, launched in Terneuzen last week, is an initiative of nursery Tomaholic, substrate supplier Peltracom and KBC Bank. The Green Heart stands for tasty, quality and sustainable. Maaike Perneel of Peltracom: "A product answering to all three of these prerequisites is something we want to give a face to. This benefits both the cultivation and the industry.”

The Green Heart label 

The label is free for people to use: there are no checks and associated costs. Yet, not everybody may sell produce under The Green Heart header. There is a charter. "You have to adhere to a particular philosophy as a grower and that includes a charter. The product has to be, again, tasty, quality and sustainable, and not rely on chemical agents," says Maaike Perneel. "This results in a distinctive product." The choice of an organic substrate is a prerequisite for the soil and plant health, but the use of Peltracom products is not required. "It involves the provision of sustainable efforts.”

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