Dutch contractor Debets-Schalke recently agreed to build a new 5-ha greenhouse of in Abkhazia, a region in the western area of the Caucasus, close to the Russian border. Abkhazia has a controversial status, because independence is not recognized throughout the international community. The climate is similar to the Mediterranean, mild, which is ideal for horticulture. After completion the greenhouse will be used to produce tomatoes year round for local markets and export to Russia.

The project is a direct result of the support of the Russian government to promote economic development in this area. "Our knowledge of the regional market, effective logistics and year-round cultivation were decisive. We show that wonderful opportunities exist even in these times. There is always room for innovation and development if people join forces and expertise," says Dylan Schalke, export manager of Debets-Schalke. "Sustainable economic growth is the driving force for development and an important tool against poverty. A thriving business in these countries leads to more jobs and better living conditions."

For this special project, Debets-Schalke supplies and provides the greenhouse and all installations. The greenhouse is designed based on the latest technology. This project is turnkey. This means that the greenhouse is equipped with all necessary functionalities which include screen, heating, irrigation and automation systems. The white coated greenhouse with 6.5 meters height, also has a lighting installation. By making use of a lighting installation, crops can be grown year round. The year-round cultivation is must with the high demand for agricultural products in the region.

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