The construction of a new substrate factory for Dutch company Slingerland Potgrond has started last week. The company caters to a global growth in orchid acreage and the use of the substrate.
The new production site is in Bleiswijk, next to the headquarters of Horticoop where Slingerland Potgrond is part of. The substrates are still made in Zoeterwoude. "That location is not suitable for the enlargement required," says David Brand of Horticoop. In the second quarter of 2014, everything must be finished and be put into operation.

The new site is focused on the production and packaging of substrates for growing orchids. Moreover, the entire production process (including storage of raw materials and finished product) takes place indoors.

Slingerland Potgrond (Potting soil), together with Horticoop, Lentse Potting soil, Mardenkro and Alflora are part of Cooperative Royal Horticultural Center Horticoop, a supplier of products and services for vegetable and ornamental growers at home and abroad.

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