CIOPORA will co-organize an IP Section of the International Plant Breeding Congress (IPBC) in Antalya. The IPBC, which is to take place in the premises of the WOW Topkapi Palace Hotel in Antalya, will welcome over 300 participants from Turkey, Middle East, Eastern Europe and the EU. Beside the Intellectual Property Rights in Plant Breeding, a section which is scheduled to take place in the afternoon of November 12, the program of the Congress foresees the seminars on Conventional Plant Breeding, Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering and Genomics, Genetic Resources for Plant Breeding, as well as the Winter Wheat studies. IPBC expects a large range of participants, including breeders, plant scientists, lawyers and officials.

The topics of the IP-dedicated part of the Congress will be announced shortly. The list of speakers of the IP section will include the representatives of the UPOV, CPVO, CIOPORA, as well as ICARDA and University of Omsk.

The full program of the IPBC will be announced two weeks before the Congress start. The list of the invited speakers can be now seen on the website of the Congress.