With the re-registration of Switch, the label was also greatly expanded. Soon, Switch can also be used in:
  • covered cultivation of pickle, zucchini, cucumber and pattypan squash;
  • covered cultivation of eggplant and peppers (covered tomato cultivation was already allowed);
  • covered cultivation of lettuce;
  • the cultivation of chicory (pull cultivation);
  • the cultivation of legumes;
  • the cultivation of carrots;
  • the cultivation of celeriac;
  • the cultivation of aromatic herb plants;
  • breeding and base seed production of vegetable, herbs and ornamental plants (excluding grasses).
"It is good news that Switch may be used in cucumber. We have had to wait for a new botrytis agent for a long time,” says Corné Stouten, liaison Plant Protection of the national committee Cucumber of LTO Grow Service. The label expansion is partly the result of a cooperation between manufacturer Syngenta Crop Protection AG and LTO Grow Service. The Fund Small Applications, subsidised by the Product Board for Horticulture and Agriculture and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, has financed crop safety studies for eggplant and cucumber, and the residue studies for covered cultivation of lettuce.