Francesco Internullo's commercial farm, located in Niscemi - Sicily, produces red bunch and cherry tomatoes in 4 hectares of greenhouses. "Last year, I have planted the new Faustyno bunch tomatoes from Gautier in half of my greenhouses following advice from a friend," reports the grower.

"I have carried out transplants on 20th August 2013, even though it seemed a bit early. I soon realised I need not have worried, as plants were growing and setting and, thanks to their tolerance to TYLCV, there were no problems with viruses."

"I have started harvesting at the end of October, 75/80 days after transplants. Bunches were regular, with deep red and compact fruits. The sized were also regular, with fruit weighing between 130/150 grams. As I was very satisfied with the result, I transplanted again on 15th January. If possible, results were even better, and yields were larger than expected."

"To conclude, I am very satisfied of Faustyno tomatoes, so much so that this year I will increase the acreage with Faustyno."

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