From 4-6 September Enza Zaden will participate in the Asia Fruit Logistica. At the Asia Fruit Logistica Enza Zaden celebrates its 75th anniversary with a new stand, build around the trends hydroponic and convenience/snacking. The Asia Fruit Logistica is for Enza Zaden an excellent platform to exchange ideas with the chain about the latest trends and discuss how we as a vegetable breeding company can provide chain solutions meeting these developments through our genetics.

After all, 75 years of success is a long-term joint effort. Good products and a healthy growth can only be accomplished together.

Ruud Berkvens, Area Manager South East Asia at Enza Zaden, explains why the company chooses for the topics hydroponic, convenience and snacking.


“A rising interest in the fresh salads category across Asia is coinciding with a growing demand amongst consumers for convenience in their vegetable consumption. Responding to this trend Enza Zaden develops new lines of salad products aimed at cutting down processing times in the kitchen, while not compromising quality. A good example is our one cut lettuce, EazyLeaf®. The harvesting of the lettuce is done by machines, after which the leaves fall apart into individual small leaves of a uniform size. This makes the lettuce easy for growers to harvest, easy for the processing industry to process and pack and easy for consumers to use. The varieties used in this concept are specially selected for their excellent shelf life, so they are also very fresh.”


Closely linked to the developing convenience market is a growing interest in snacking vegetables. Bite-size tasty tomatoes, sweet peppers and cucumbers are all now readily available from supermarkets. Enza Zaden has again been at the forefront of research and development into this emerging category. “A concept developed for the chain demand for taste are our tomatoes branded under the name TomAzur®,” Berkvens says. “Excellent taste is important, but stability in this taste-experience is just as important. Tomatoes under this brand always have the original tomato flavor, with a very intense red colour in a very attractive truss presentation.”


“And the hydroponic market (cultivation on water) is a growing market, also in Asia. At the moment, vegetable production in most of southern Asia still takes place in the open field. However, due to a larger demand for high-quality fresh products, more production has moved to greenhouse and hydroponic. Enza Zaden is closely involved in the development of varieties that are suitable for this innovative, environmentally friendly form of cultivation.”

Visit us at booth O-20 at the Asia Fruit Logistica and discover how the Enza Zaden product range can contribute to your success.