The Canadian government is changing regulations on growing marijuana for medicinal purposes, and many current growers will need to retrofit or build new greenhouse structures in order to comply with the strict guidelines. By March of 2014, individuals will no longer be allowed to grow medical marijuana in their homes for personal use, nor can the plants be grown by a designated small-scale producer. Instead, medical marijuana must be produced by an expanded number of licensed commercial growers. Additionally, medicinal marijuana now falls under Health Canada as a pharmaceutical drug, and Health Canada issues the licenses to grow.

To be licensed to grow medical marijuana, the greenhouse structure must meet strict security standards to prevent unauthorized access. This includes physical barriers, security screen/steel bars on all openings, 24 hour video surveillance and security sensors on glazing panels. In addition to security, air filtration is required to ensure that pollen, odors and other particles do not escape.

According to their blog, GGS Structures already has the capabilities to meet these requirements, as they have manufactured robust research greenhouse facilities with similar requirements alongside their sister company, JGS. Due to these strict new requirements the government will be enforcing next year, this change is a potentially lucrative opportunity for commercial growers who decide to begin growing medical marijuana. On the other hand, growers may need to initially tread lightly to ensure they are aware of all the new regulations they need to follow in order to successfully grow this crop long term.

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