Nine leading companies in floriculture and vegetable cultivation have started the cooperation 'Community Retail Center'. The Community Retail Center, accompanied by Florpartners, is committed to position itself as the center of innovation and knowledge for retail. 

Wim Grootscholten (Rijk Zwaan)
"A product-transcending collaboration in which sharing knowledge and cooperation are the key words. Find out where the opportunities are in order to boost returns and distinctiveness on the shelf. We consider it an educational process, intended to minimalize the distance between our sector and the retail.”

Fred van der Hoeven (FloraHolland)
"With the knowledge, products, technology, innovation and inspiration that exist in this sector, we are a relevant, interesting and independent party for retail. We do not sell products, but want to exchange knowledge to ultimately maximize returns for all participants in the chain.”

On 11 June, in cooperation with Hoogvliet, a flower and Plant Day was held. Over sixty participants and suppliers visited the companies Sion Orchids, Fides and Beekenkamp. The event was described as an inspiring and informative day, with lots of sharing of knowledge and expertise. 

Jos van Mil (Greenco): "We consider the event a successful step in the right direction. With the (product) knowledge of the industry and by providing insight into the Hoogvliet-consumer, we can assist Hoogvliet in making strategic choices."

For more information about the Community Retail Center please contact Arjan van der Voort: a.vandervoort @