To create a better distribution channel in order to supply growers worldwide with their latest innovations in shading cloths, energy screens and other greenhouse screening installations and structures, Novavert has teamed up with two new partners: Faber Greenhouses in Australia & New Zealand and Westland Greenhouse Supplies in Canada. Both countries are important markets for horticulture, and according to Novavert's Niclas Heescher completely different to each other. "We are happy that we now can co-operate with the right partners that know the markets best."
After Novavert introduced their HS² screen and the Quattro double screen system earlier this year, the company gained interest from allover the world. "It has been a very busy time for us," said Heescher. "The industry was already familiar with existing materials, but I think that the extra advantages that we offer has convinced them to take a closer look at picking the right materials and structures."

Novavert made its name with the HS² screen has become an ideal solution for growers that want to protect there crop from heavy weather conditions, without losing to much light density. Their system is unique thanks to its strength and user friendly replacement feature with an innovative mounting system.
Heescher: "Canada´s industry is already familiar with high end greenhouse technique, it is almost the same situation as in The Netherlands or Germany. In this case, retractable roof systems are even better known in North America in general, however existing systems sometimes are a limiting factor to growers. We are now entering the market with an advanced system. One of our biggest selling points in this area will be our unlimited bay size, which results in a decrease of foundation pillars and trusses that are needed. This gives us the possibility to deliver a structure that is lower in cost, but still is very strong. We can do the same job or even better, for less money."

Westland Greenhouse Equipment and Supplies

Westland Greenhouse Equipment and Supplies have partnered with Novavert from Germany to offer a unique retractable roof structure. Westland saw an opportunity when they noticed how different Novavert’s retractable system was. With Heescher’s quick support, they brought to product to the Ohio Short Course to see what a response it would get. “With it being very strong and very lightweight, we saw an opportunity for areas that get a lot of inclement weather to protect their early spring and late fall pots and bedding plants with a simple retractable roof. What we didn’t expect was the huge response we received from all over the United States, including Texas and California, at the Ohio Short Course,” says Craig Riesebosch from Westland. Whether the grower was from a warm or cold climate, the system attracted a lot of attention for its simplicity and flexibility, and its strength.

The Westland crew were able to jump on the system without causing damage, demonstrating its strength to resist wind, rain, and even hail. “I was a little nervous at first to jump on the demo model, but by the end of the weekend, I was standing on the demo constantly,” says Craig.

The partnership makes sense as well, because Westland has a lot of experience with similar systems for the shading they install in Canada. With that experience, they can easily install the Novavert system. And with a system already sold in Canada, which is to be installed in the fall, things are looking up for Westland and Novavert.

Folco Faber & Niclas Heescher

Faber Greenhouses

Novavert has had no sales in Australia until now, but Heescher if confident that the partnership with Faber Greenhouses will change this."It is a big country, with not so many big greenhouse operations. However, the country is almost self sufficient in greenhouse vegetables. Their domestic market is being supplied by local, smaller greenhouse operations. These growers are not concentrated in horticultural areas and can make a good living by selling their products for a good price. This makes it an interesting market, and I believe that we have found a good partner in Faber Greenhouses to provide the Australian growers with very good alternatives for existing screening products. It is a family company just like ours and they have the same approach and drive in providing solutions as we do: when somebody approaches us with a problem, we start thinking about it the same day, straight away!"

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